Acting responsibly towards the environment is more important now than ever. How can we live up to our aspirations to do business sustainably? We continue to pose this question to ourselves again and again as our business develops. And we’ve found some good answers, which form the basis of our sustainability standards:

  • We are constantly working to make production as regional as possible. We only manufacture in Germany, within a maximal radius of 300 km.
  • We build our dome structures from wood. This is a conscious decision for a warm, natural atmosphere inside the tent. But there’s wood, and then there’s wood. We pay attention to where our materials come from and get all of our wood from a sustainably run forest in Brandenburg. That way, we can avoid excessive transport and support the cultivation of diverse forests.
  • Due to their significantly longer lifespan, we decided for tent covers made out of high-quality, recyclable plastic rather than fabric made from cotton or blended materials. That way, they can remain in use for many years.
  • In order to be able to provide for your events with a minimal carbon footprint, we offer clients in certain locations the possibility to choose alternative material transport using Deutsche Bahn. With our sustainability standards, we’ve chosen a path that we are committed to. Sustainability is a big word, one which we have to fill with responsible actions and which requires constant engagement and a continual search for opportunities for improvement.

We’ve committed to acting “rightandfair” — The sustainability code “rightandfair” (“fairpflichtet” in German) is a voluntary pledge to do business sustainably and responsibly in the German-speaking events industry. More information at www.fairpflichtet.de